Property Buyers Northern Ireland – For Investors

Why invest with Property Buyers Northern Ireland?

We create wealth for our clients through investing in property and believe that it is the most reliable form of wealth generation through passive income.

Is my money safe?

Your investment capital is used to purchase a property which should provide excellent returns on your capital invested from the rental income profit.



What if I don’t want to be a landlord?

Another option is to invest a lump sum for a fixed yearly return, this capital investment could be secured against a property.

What if the property market drops?

Property prices may fall however it is important to remember that historically property prices have risen substantially over 25-year periods. Ideally you will keep your investment for at least 10 years so any short-term fluctuations are unlikely to impact you. Furthermore, our property investments are targeted to achieve yearly cashflow from rental income, offering a great return on your initial investment, so any fluctuations in the property price will have little to no impact.


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